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. before you is a request for a conditional use authorization under planning sections to allow un new automotive repair shop within an existing vacant commercial building. the proposal is to relocate from its current location the 23730 mission street. the existing building will not be expanded. the ground floor will be used for auto repair activities and office uses, accessory to the business. the back rooms will be used for painting. the mezzanine will be used for storage and a break area. the new location will allow the owner to install new equipment and provide for new jobs for the community. the proposal is the relocation of existing automotive repair shop and existing building -- the existing building has been in that location since 1977. this is an independent news and locally owned which has been encouraged. historically the previous uses on the side have been similar uses with compatible impact. staff has received contracts from three neighbors concerned about noise and odor. since the packets were distributed, we received one e- mail from a neighbor with similar concerns i ha
is in effect a war on crumbs instead of the often used phrase on drugs. how do you respond to his remarks? >> well, i think the first thing that we have to recognize is that the majority of people who are caught up in the criminal justice system and who are prosecuted for this type of offense for possession offenses and to some degree possession for sale offenses, the vast majority are indigent people and the vast majority of those indigent people are people of color. so what you have are two systems in place. you have a system where privileged white middle class people basically use drugs, college campuses, frat parties, not clubs, they use drug with impunity, they don't have to worry about being caught. then you have a system that comes down like a ton of bricks on indigent poor people and that's one of the reasons why i think this type of reform is a positive first step because if you aren't going to make drug possession illegal, at least make it a misdemeanor and not a felony. at least don't stigmatize and label an entire population of people as felons and prevent them from getting ho
plan to serve it but once the conditional use is given, the next person can come in and change it. those are things you could make conditions -- if they only really want to be open until 10:00 or 11:00, pick one and make it a condition. you could make that a condition. in other places, there was probably no condition put on it. it was a restaurant and a conditional use and the next thing it was all beer because a different owner came and joined them and they were only given the right to serve alcohol until 11. the next thing they wanted to go until 2:00 because they wanted to become part of the bar scene. just so they could sell alcohol. not saying these people are going to do that, but the next person that comes in will have this conditional use and no conditions. i don't put think there were conditions added because you got it confusing advice at that time that maybe you couldn't do it and there are rumors and there is no point in my going into it but there are still rumors that one of those businesses is thinking about making some major changes that would making that neighborho
in this location. because even though the appellant did not request us to have restricted food items, we chose to do so. but, to be clear, the reason we have those trucks is because of the wanted to work with them in another location, we would have to have them on our permit. it is a very simple process. so, when we update our permit, at the multiple permit is new. we are the first individual group to have this permit that allows us to look at multiple on the same permit. when we update those trucks, we do not receive a revised permit that lists all of our trucks that are part of our permit. we have gone through this process and updated our vendors. in the pellet's brief, they mentioned that we placed a truck at front. there is a process for dpw handling these issues. they could have called dpw and they could have sent somebody to verify and we could have been held in violation. we, without anybody knowing, we placed somebody down there as a mistake. what we did was caught the mistake without anybody mentioning anything to us and two days later, that that truck was added in. they have the prop
. today we'll be talking about preventing, treating, and recovering from mental and substance use disorders within the context of the family. joining us in our panel today are frances harding, director, center for substance abuse prevention, substance abuse and mental health services administration, u.s. department of health and human services, rockville, maryland. dr. nancy young, executive director, children and family futures, irvine, california. erica asselin, family support specialist and medication-assisted treatment advocate, fresh start, square one, holyoke, massachusetts. dr. kim sumner-mayer, senior advisor, phoenix house center on addiction and the family new york, new york. fran, what is the definition of family within our society currently? that's a very good question. family has changed, the definition. we used to think of family as two parents living in a house with two children and probably a pet or two. now, we have a wide variety of families. we have families that are one parent, single parent, being raised by friends, being raised by grandparents, relatives of a
migraines. he started using pornography on the internet. he started soliciting sex from women working in massage parlors. he reports that he has a very high sex drive and conceals his behavior because he feels that it is wrong. there is a picture. [laughter] in 2010, he makes some subtle sexual advances to his stepdaughter. mom find out about this and brad is legally removed from the home and diagnosed as a pedophile. he is chemically castrated in treatment to try to reduce his sexual behavior. he is found guilty of child molestation and he is sent to a sexual addiction facility or jail. brad chooses rehab. in rehab, he starts being inappropriate. staff. he starts to solicit sex from other clients. he has some of bedwetting. the night before he goes to prison, he complains of a headache. we will send you and get it and -- get an mri. it looks like this. this is a tumor. another way to look at it is like this. that is not good. the question is, is this tomorrow related to his aberrant behavior that he has started -- tumor related to his average behavior that he has started to have? he
officers. can i get the other generation of police officers that gave us these police officers to stand up and be recognized. [applause] >> talk about raising your kids right. another recognition i want to make is we are going to experience in the next 30 days of record exit of police officers, especially commissioned officers due to the sun setting of the retirement program. many of the people that are going out red nominations tonight. if i could, all officers that will be retiring and leaving us, they we think you for your service by getting you to stand. [applause] that is going to close our program. know that all of these officers when they get back to work, they will go out again looking for trouble and probably find it. i trust they will demonstrate again what these officers do every day, and that is keep this city safe. the command staff and commission will be available for pictures. family and kids for sure. if you can get your metal back from this little guy. thank you very much. hopefully we will see you all again soon. keep the officers in your thoughts and prayers. keep them s
>> what kind of lubrication? if it's a frozen type. we use a penetrable type >> with escape artists, you regularly check them? >> it's all us calling them each year requesting if they would like us to do maintenance service for their drop ladder. each year it's quite simple and easy procedure to do. and we appreciate that people take pride and understand their fire escapes and drop ladders are a part of their building's safety system. just like the sprinkler systems. they are usually located along a fire escape ladder way, platform system. the fire department does use them to approach emergency situations in buildings. >> this is interesting on who's checking them. in san francisco for residential units and motels and hotels, the housing inspection division is required to check every 5 years to do an inspection of the buildings. and the procedures have changed to require they operate the fire escape when they do that inspection. have you gone to those where they require to operate the fire escape? >> absolutely. we got the call from a property owner saying they have been sited or re
in london. the first stop of his first overseas trip of this campaign season and a chance for us to sit down with the presumptive gop nominee. more on that in just a moment. >>> first again tonight our attention is focused on the aftermath and investigation in colorado. a huge development in the case today. something from the accused gunman himself that was sent before the shooting that if discovered earlier might have changed this story. it's where we begin, again, tonight with miguel alguer in aurora, colorado. miguel, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. a judge issued a gag order in this case, so police cannot publicly comment on the evidence they have received and gathered. law enforcement sources tell nbc news the suspect did mail a package which could become a valuable piece of evidence. senior law enforcement sources say accused gunman james holmes mailed the package here to the university of colorado medical center in aurora. the package is said to contain details writings about, quote, killing people. >> it's an important factor in assessing whether or not he was acting
or matters. commissioner moore: i am wondering if the city attorney could give us an explanation due to the fact that i have never on my time seen a commission decision and board of supervisors' decision move to the potential of the ballot box. i understand sufficient signatures were submitted for that to happen. in putting this on the ballot suspends a hiring freeze. >> deputy city attorney, susan the walls. we can give you more in debt update, either later today or next week, but in general and a legislative decision can be reprimanded within 30 days of that decision through the collection of a certain number of signatures and other procedures. in terms of moving forward now, i understand the board of supervisors have an opportunity to consider the project's one more time before it goes to a vote of the people. that is what i know about this point, but if you have other questions, i would have to look into that at a later date. commissioner moore: i was curious about the process, because few of us have seen it under the microscope. it has not happened for a long time. it would be f
response, ask the mayor to tell us how he has handled the letter that we sent. and i think that maybe something that does not need to await for a future meeting. my question would be, could the commissioners -- the chair sent a letter to the mayor asking that on our behalf so that we can move more expeditiously, or would it be more prudent to have us look at such a letter at a future meeting? >> you cannot authorize the chair to send the letter in this agenda item. because it is only for -- >> it was not on our agenda for tonight. i would agree with commissioner renne, as i told you. i think we should have some follow-up on that matter.>> any? >> i will discuss it with the city attorney after the meeting. it may be that it is within the authority of the chair to do something like that. >> ok. i have no objection to having it put on the agenda for a future meeting. to request follow-up from the mayor. any other items? commissioner studley: i am interested in the report from the analyst and i am interested to put discussion of that report on our agenda. at that point, it might be useful
activist there says the rebels destroyed seven of them. the activist says the free syrian army is using guerrilla tactics in the fight. government forces have retaliated with repeated attacks on opposition positions. state television reports the government side has pushed the opposition side back close to the border with turkey. government pilots have dropped bombs on densely populated areas where opposition forces have fled. civilian casualties are expected to rise. >>> united nations officials have withdrawn half of their observers from syria. about 140 monitor also remain on the ground. >> we have to hope that the whole process gains traction, that the vicious circle of violence can cease. >> he cited syria's deteriorating security as the key factor in the decision. still he said those who remain will continue with their work. u.n. security council members voted last week to extend the mission by 30 days, but the monitors have been forced to suspend most of their patrols since mid-june after syria entered a state of civil war. >>> turkey's government has met to discuss neighboring sy
challenge is figuring out how to adapt to the growing use of mobile technology. nearly all of facebook's revenues come from advertising, and that's more difficult with smaller screens. that's part of the reason facebook shares have gotten crushed-- they're down nearly 30% from the offering price of $38 in may. but some analysts still think the stock's a "buy." >> i think making money on facebook ultimately comes down to their ability to monetize mobile. it's almost binary. if they figure out a way to make money, the stock will be very successful; if they don't, then the stock will underperform the market. >> reporter: for now, many investors remain skeptical. when facebook went public, it had a valuation of $100 billion. now, it's closer to $60 billion. erika miller, nbr, new york. >> reporter: i'm diane eastabrook. still ahead--i'll tell you how the weber company is still keeping the grilling industry on fire after 60 years. "nightly business report" is brought to you by: captioning sponsored by wpbt >> tom: "whatever it takes to preserve the euro. with that phrase, the head of the eu
and every sexual orientation and have equality and justice in the city. please include us all. president chiu: thank you. >> we need to include people in being able to be part of this country. i have ideas to make that happen. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i have driven all the way up from san jose. is there any way you could cut me some slack to do the general public comment? president chiu: i am sorry. if you wish to make public comment related to this item you are more than welcome to do that. thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak on this resolution? public comment is closed. can we adopt this resolution same house, same call? this resolution is adopted. i think you called the business tax items? >> items 20 and 21 are before the board for consideration. president chiu: why don't we go back to items 20 and 21. supervisor avalos: thank you. the suspense was killing me getting to this point today. we had something written but it did not quite have every dot and period. thanks to the tax team for your incredible work in bringing this
community win and a celebration for us all. >> to learn more about the helen diller playground in dolores park, go to sfrecpark.org. supervisor chu: welcome to the budget and finance subcommittee. i'm joined by a chain kim and we will be joined by a supervisor avalos shortly. do you have any announcements today? >> please silent also phones and electronic devices. completed at speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will be on the supervisors agenda unless otherwise indicated. supervisor chu: would you please call item no. 1? >> international terminal equipment maintenance and operating agreement -- resolution approving the international terminal equipment maintenance and operating agreement between the san francisco terminal equipment company and the city and county of san francisco. >> i am with the san francisco airport. at that airport is seeking your approval of a new nine-year international terminal equipment, maintenance and operating agreement with san francisco terminal equipment company. the agreement carries a one- you're -- one-share o
meeting, it makes us look a little silly. >> i would also like to move it tonight. if we have not reached a decision, i would like to hear what commissioner perez as to say. >> i'm ok with that. >> is there a new motion on the floor? including a continuance? >> sure. i move to continue until the next meeting. >> second. >> all right. commissioner tan: yes. commissioner lee: ok. commissioner joseph: aye. commissioner hyde: aye. president newlin: aye. >> all right. any public comment on that? i hope not. [laughter] ok. >> hi. you think this will be easy? when the planning department went through the president, but presidency, they elected someone who was just appointed to be vice president. i'm not saying they made a bad choice. what i would say is this. i think whoever is nominated for president should serve at least one year on the board so they have some seasoning. that way -- i see new commissioners when they come in. they're good people, but there is a learning curve to this. i would say that whoever wants to be president, they have to least serve one-year on the board because -- befor
operate in this common use space in our international terminal, the airlines formed a consortium made up of the 30 airlines that have operations in the international terminal. this was created by the airlines that operate in the international terminal and represents the airlines as they pump filter maintenance and operating obligations under their individual leases with the airport. the new agreement before you today continues the practice we have had in the past of maintaining, offering, and scheduling the use of city-owned equipment and operating systems as well as scheduling the use of joint i.t. functions like ticket counters and gates and allocates the associated costs related to city-owned equipment and operating systems for the users of the equipment in that international terminal. due to the integrated nature of this system and the services used to provide customer service to airport passengers in the international terminal, this represents the most efficient and cost-effective way for the airport to share in their use. they are responsible for the custodial, electrical fees, wat
's choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. . >>> hello and thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. >>> the extreme heat is topping our newscast this afternoon. a met -- the metropolitan washington area is under a heat advisory till 8:00 tonight. of course howard has been checking his maps so he has details. howard? >> the heat advisory just went into effect at noon. it lasts for another eight hours. we're worried about the heat- humidity combination pushing the heat index to 105, maybe locally higher than that, especially south of town. the cloud cover this morning, that gave us a little bit of a break. had showers and storms in western and northern maryland. those clouds around this morning have limited the rise to slow it down at least in northern sections. but down south, still very, very hot already. low 90s fredricksburg, tappahannock. we're trying to catch up. 88 at national. gaithersburg and hagerstown only in the low 80s at this hour. they may struggle to get into the 90s in the far northern sections. however, we still have a heat veriry. that's -- heat adv
on the university's as well as the philanthropic community to bring us up to a state of the art best practices systemic response. one of the things the police can do immediately as the first respondents to a scene is provide multi language information regarding resources for people who are directly and tangentially involved. maybe more information will be forthright. again, we want to commend and thank you for continuing to make this a priority for the city. we are available to assist. economic justice is that the court. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. marlenetran, spokesperson for the visitation vallate asian alliance. also, ed district attorney gaston's group. last night, the standard trustco police commission held a meeting in visitation valley. many of the people that attended last night, including chief sur, paul henderson, mary harris, and many others were there. i wanted to thank sharon for working with the closely regarding the issues in visitation valley. actually, for years, we all know that there has been disturdentst sector. we h
-centered care for the future. thank you for helping us celebrate this important milestone. i would like to recognize the children in the area. [applause] i would like to recognize the commissioners and elected officials. david sanchez. also from the board of supervisors -- david chiu, eric maurer -- eric mar. next, i would like to introduce the executive of our hospital. she has been with us for many years. she is now the ceo of the hospital. she will be leading us into the future of this hospital, and it is an honor to work with her. i am sure you will enjoy her words today. thank you. [applause] >> good morning. i want to thank you all for coming and welcome you to san francisco general hospital for this great occasion. yesterday, we had a lot of children, people from the community, but staff come by. it was exciting to have everyone here during that signing period. it has been challenging building this big structure here in the midst of campus, where we're trying to run a full-service hospital. i really want to think the patients, the neighbors, and the staff for all there patient an
miller who joins us now that the letter inside spoke of shooting people and included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. do we know, john, from your sources, have you heard why this letter wasn't discovered sooner? >> well, we have a little conflict there. what we were told by law enforcement sources earlier in the day. and i have to say, this has been made extremely more difficult than it needs to be by a gag order that's been placed on all of the investigators and the district attorney who's not commenting. so getting information is like pulling teeth, even in an issue of public concern. but to update that, what we're told is it was mailed before the shooting, possibly days before the smohooting. what the university is saying now is it arrived at their facilities services building on monday, july 23, that it was in the mix of mail there. and that when they found it, investigators were called. they looked atle package. they looked at a bomb squad. that caused the evacuation of the building right around 12:30. so it appears as pressure from this story builds, people a diggin
a housing crisis in san francisco. housing affordability crisis. this charter amendment will move us in the direction of addressing that crisis we are at risk of losing a primary source of affordable housing funding. the housing trust fund will recapture that funding and make sure we are dedicating it to affordable housing. this trust fund does more than establish a sustainable stream of funding for several decades. it also recognizes in addition to a government investment, we also have to make sure that we are providing the private sector with the proper incentives to create enough housing to meet our population's demand. public investment and private investment are two pieces of the puzzle. this recognizes the balance. this resulted from a terrific collaborative process. i strongly support it and i encourage you to do so as well. i want to thank the mayor's office who played a key role in moving this forward. president chiu: supervisor kenneth. -- kim. supervisor kim: it will hopefully be moving forward to the november ballot this fall. many of us campaigned on pushing and supporti
think it might be appropriate to have the gates. however, the gate has been a nightmare to us. when it was the original illegal temporary gate was installed, it was chained so that not even the garbage trucks could get in. if you look at this plan that was drawn by the applicant, two or three things that worry me. >> i think it is upside down. >> if you look this way -- thank you. i have marked on this which is not marked on any plan, there to doors on 619 -- 691 entrance. they do not show up on your plans. the first door is a tenant that is used to the lot of work and it is on the ground floor. he was given the key. as a tenant, the conditions we would ask is that everybody who wants a key should get one. this is a public street. and we have been using this, i have lived in this building for nine years. we have used the rear entrance which again is not marked on their plan. it was marked online. there is this ada disability and exit-and cents -- exit-entrance for tenants. you have to inspect it because it is not legal. the way it was built. the second worry of mine and this is a pu
can make a determination on. >> asked us -- access for emergency vehicles, is there a requirement for the lock box? >> the understanding is that this was reviewed by the fire department and police department. they have determined that this facility satisfies their needs. the department would take that piece of information that we received as this is accessible to these emergency service vehicles. >> i have a couple of questions. the intended use was not for people to load and unload items and have access. someone from dpw advised intended use was for something other than that. can you speak to that? >> it deadends where exit points are provided. there is no fair repair. it is not a thoroughfare as it relates to public right-of-way. it does not appear to the department that people would use this as a doorway -- their fair -- thoroughare. -- thoroughfare. that appears to be what these un [inaudible] and to provide access. >> no documentation that would limit the use of that l.a.? >> there is no limitations. >> the other thing is i would like to hear from the department on the chrono
, labor, maritime uses, and the environment. the board intends to appoint this in august and we look forward to working closely with the port. the warriors are under a specific time line if they are open -- able to open this a win in 2017 and that is why we are rushing to form a cac to advise and give feedback on this project. we are putting this resolution force today. the resolution also states our intention to have regular hearings once a month and also that every six months that we would receive a project update from city staff, the warriors, and the cac, so we can hear from the public as well. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor wiener. supervisor wiener: submit. >> thank you. president chiu: on her behalf and per correspondence, the clerk of our board has advised -- is introducing a motion to establish a process in accordance with charter section 15.105 for the misconduct meetings. the court has provided counsel. the motion will be placed on our adoption without committee reference portion of our agenda next week. where -- we are free to discuss it next week and demand
. and there are questions that remain. we're told there's verbiage kind of a pent-up, was the phrase used writings about shooting people. and that there were some very ruddment tear images in there of a shooter and victims. but the real question, anderson, which i know is what we're all wondering is a, were was there anything in there that was specific to the date the batman show or something else. and b, is there anything that gives -- that sheds any light on moti motive. and right now, we can't learn th that. >> john, stick around. i want to bring in james alan fox who we often consult with. professor, you say it's not unusual for mass murderers to actually reach out to people before actually committing a crime. >> right. they reach out in either a threat or a call for help. but it's not unusual for them also to send letters, timed so they will be received after the shooting in an explanation for why they did what they did. there was a shooter at the university of iowa who sent letters to the media, time when his rampage was committed. in arizona, same thing. frequently, mass murderers will send lette
to work with troubled teenagers. she joins us later. we begin with breaking news. al package from the alleged shooter found in the news room. at the university of colorado. he mailed it days before the massacre, addressing it to one of his professors at the university colorado's campus in aurora. it arrived days before the shooting but was not discovered until monday afternoon when police found it in the mail room. . they sent in the bomb squad, handled it by robot and x-rayed the parcel just in case. sources telling john miller who joins us now that the letter inside spoke of shooting people and included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. do we know, john, from your sources, have you heard why this letter wasn't discovered sooner? >> well, we have a little conflict there. which is what we were told by law enforcement sources earlier in the day. and i have to say, this has been made extremely more difficult than it needs to be by a gag order that's been placed on all of the investigators and the district attorney who's not commenting. so getting information is like pullin
to go up in the u.s. we can run it out and they can continue to be, but at some point that you're getting to, that game does come to an end, and maybe we're beginning to see some of that start to play out and hit an end point. >> jim, do you agree with that? putting the fed story aside, we know you don't think that is real in demand and really what should drive stocks, what about earnings? what's your take? >> we're looking for companies that have some form of under lying growth. we've jewed it as a low-growth environment, not much is happening, net. and the conflicting cross currents and earnings reports and sale social security what one would expect. we're trying to sort through and find the exceptions of companies doing well in this environment. this is not a rising tide that carries all boats environment. it's challenging. >> what would a technician say, jim? they would say that sentiment is negative, everybody thinks that we have all of these problems in the u.s., europe, and china is slowing down, and that's when you want to buy stocks. >> we don't see it as washed out at
it and frame it to others, is whether time is working for you or against you, time has worked for the u.s. we healed the corporate sector balance seats and a lot of the consumers balance sheets, and haven't done anything about the government. time is working against europe. that's why you had a lot of economists pleading to act quicker, and it shows you where traders are. people are short, so when you get people saying we'll use our balance sheet, even if it's only to buy time, that tells an investor if you're not facing a disaster, stocks are reasonably priced. i like to hear those comments. he is a close technician. he was watching 1330 like the rest of us and knows where to make his statements. >> and he put a floor under stocks. >> yes, look at the market internals, i'm not terribly delighted with what i've seen today, but on a day, if there's really good macro economic news, the industrials would be up strong and materials. it's utility stocks an consumer stocks. the market now believe most amount of central bank posturing is going to change the fundamental macro economic view. and indus
be more low-cost, more successful to them and using chat catchers. >> check cashing stores can be found all over the city, but they're convenient locations come with a hidden price. >> these are big. >> i remember coming in to collect -- charged a fee to collect a monogram. >> people who use check catchers, particularly those who use them to cash their paychecks all year long, they can pay hundreds, even a thousand dollars a year just in fees to get access to their pay. >> i do not have that kind of money. >> i would not have to pay it if i had a bank account. >> bank accounts are essential. they keep your money saved and that helps save for the future. most banks require information that may limit its pool of qualified applicants. encouraging to turn to costly and unsafe check captures. >> i do not feel safe carrying the money order that i get home. >> without a bank account, you are more vulnerable to loss, robbery, or theft. thankfully, the program was designed to meet the needs of every kind, so qualifying for a bank account is no longer a problem. even if you have had problems with
use this mid deem charge rather than felony. and what we find in these 13 other states is that there are higher rates of drug treatment participation, lower rates of drug use, and even slightly lower rates of violent and property crime. so again, we can prove we can have safer communities. and then of course there are the unintended consequences of a felony conviction. consequences that really can cause great damage to a young life for many decades out. the very three things that can keep someone successfully in his or her recovery, access to housing, education and employment are put farther out of reach because of a felony conviction, especially in a down economy, someone with a felony has great difficulty even accessing 5 a job that pays minimum wage. putting these felony convictions to a whole population of young people, we really perpetuate a chronic underclass which benefits none of us. and then of course there's the inequity in the criminal justice system. even though we can show that drug use rates are quite similar in all different ethnic communities and african
. thanks for joining us. >> the european debt crisis high unemployment and congressional bickering no wonder 35 percent of americans polled say the economy will be weaker next year. 31 percent say it will be stronger. the rest say it will be the same or they aren't sure. it's not encouraging. >> perhaps the contributing factor food prices. >> clib coupons or go vegan. your grocery bill will rise 5 percent. beef prices may see the biggest jump followed by dairy and eggs. it has to do with a nasty drought covering at least 60 percent of the u.s. in real dollar terms your $150 a week greeocery bill $160. total you are spending more is 500 a year. >>> moving to the lierns they are making a lot of money off of us with all of those add-on fees. >> rumyer seats and checked bags brought in 22 billion that's up 13 billion just 13 years ago. when you feel like you are nickelled and dimed you are. >>> thank you very much lauren. we appreciate it. nice to see you. >> 110 minutes after the hour. coming up this diver's heart nearly stops when he gets an unexpected visitor, i can image. we will t
, get to the work that the american people sent us here for and understand and was quoted this morning by one of our colleagues, our time is very precious. don't waste it by playing got you games. think about what we discussed earlier. mr. polis and i will debate this rule and we will do it -- yes, a second mistake was made. we acknowledge that. we accept it. now we'd like to get on to the people's business. mr. frank: the fact that we put aside tragedy doesn't mean we -- and this is not simply a small mistake but it is a small mistake in a bill that's about as bipartisan as it gets. to make a plea of bipartisanship with this excessively bipartisan bill that is put through with major concerns about every aspect of the federal government given 10 minutes of debate at 9:00 and 10:00 at night to be voted on, that's a mistake. as the gentleman from new jersey and i pointed out, this is not simply a mistake was made but a mistake that would have easily been caught earlier if people caught the bill. and i stress this because when we did some of the other legislation, financial reform, health
. clarissa ward slips into forbidden territory to link up with the syrian rebels as u.s. warns of a massacre. and john blackstone on baby hugo's first visit with his dad whufs wounded in the colorado shooting. >> he cried a little bit which we were hoping for because we uponned kaleib to hear him cry. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. mitt romney was hoping his big, overseas trip to britain, israel, and poland would get plenty of attention, and it is, for all the wrong reasons. the trip was designed to establish his foreign policy credentials, but instead, on his very first stop, he found himself trying to dig out of a diplomatic blunder. in london, he offended the british over their handling of the olympics. chief political correspondent jan crawford is with the republican presidential candidate. jan, fill us in. >> reporter: well, scott, that blunder happened yesterday in an interview with nbc news when romney talked about problems in the run-up to london's olympics. >olympics. >> there were a few things that were disconc
. excuse us, for a second, let's live here. >> we had to clean up the drool. >> it was all over. >> all over hoda. >> i love that look on matt. don't you think he should do that all the time? >> all the time. right off the yacht look. >> and that tan on him. >> he's looking good. >> he looks great today, too. anyway, the opening ceremonies are two days ago. matt will host it with meredith. it must be weird for the two of them. >> because they know what's going to happen. >> it's a big secret for the rest of us. i'm excited for friday to see. are you excited for us on friday? >> no, i'm not. i tell you what, i saw what we're going to wear. oh, my gosh. >> tomorrow, we're doing our show on the plaza. friday. we're doing an olympic-themed show. >> we need you guys to show up for us, please. >> it would be humiliating if we go outside. >> if we do our olympic stuff with nobody cheering us on in the ugliest track suits you've ever seen. >> they are hideous. like the old-fashioned from the '80s. >> jane lynch. >> and pull them up. >> never will we be more attractive than friday morning. come
tried to use pepper to -- he was arrested a short time later. the stabbing victim is expected to survive. >>> a scandal has rocked the community. he's considered a premier coach. a former swimmer says the abuse started when he was 17 years old. ja jackie bensen spoke to her. >> it concerns a settlement made in 1999 by rick kerle. she believes the crime against her was swept under the rug. at 19 she designed a nondisclosure agreement that, in exchange for money, $150,000 she would agree to not press charges. this has come to the attention of usa swimming, the governing body after kelly kern took what many believe was the gold and courageous act of speaking out. we spoke to a parent. >> from the parents' perspective, what we're saying to them is it's a wonderful club the 950 swimmers are not -- this club has 950 swimmers, but thousands and thousands of washington-area kids have passed through the doors over the years. coming up we'll hear from swim club parents. back to you. >>> jackie, thanks. >>> they say he tied her up and drove her around for several hours. investigators have not said
the new york federal reserve. he sounded an early warning with british and u.s. regulators about weaknesses in the bank-to- bank lending rate known as libor. it's a key global interest rate and one which traders and banks are accused of manipulating. darren gersh reports members of congress aren't convinced geithner did enough. >> reporter: back in the spring of 2008, geithner says he sent a detailed memo to the bank of england warning that it needed to reform the way british bankers came up with the libor rate. >> we were aware of the risk that the way this was designed created not just the incentive for banks to under-report, but gave them the opportunity to under-report and that was a problem. >> reporter: but members of congress said the problem was deeper. >> if they were having structural problems, i thought your email was appropriate. but what was being disclosed here was fraud. >> reporter: geithner argues british bankers set libor and british regulators had the authority to act. >> our first instinct as you might expect at that point was to go to the british and they sai
york times." today i had a chance to conduct the first-ever public in-depth interview with u.s. navy admiral who planned the raid that killed osama bin laden. admiral william mcraven may not be a household name, but as you're about to see, he's a genuine u.s. hero. this is the guy who's sitting right here who had the guts to tell the commander in chief we should do it, let's do it. and when you ordered that raid and when you said -- you didn't even know for sure that bin laden was abbottabad at that compound about a mile or so away from the west point of pakistan, did you? >> let me make one thing clear, i didn't order the raid. >> but he told the president of the united states that he thought he could do it. [ laughter ] >> i mean, and this is not a small point. the fact of the matter is it was the president of the united states that ordered the raid. >> and he deserves an enormous amount of credit for that decision. >> he does. [ applause ] >> and when he came to the head of special operations, that would be you, and said what do you think? what did you say? >> well, first, i will
would not use the word conditionality, but i think the discussion with pakistan after they took some steps to close the ground lines of communication for supplies and so forth has worked our way back towards a more cooperative relationship. i think the u.s. in this administration has been clear about the areas of cooperation that we need to see to be able to continue to move forward with the assistance and support. starting first and foremost with counter-terrorism and things related to the safety of our troops in afghanistan. >> moving on to russia and our relations with russia. governor romney seems very upset with president obama's reset policy toward russia. the governor has described russia as the no. 1 global flow of the united states. first of all, what do you think of the governor's criticism? >> i think it is unfair and it misses a couple of the tremendous benefits we have gotten from the recent policy. from the beginning, president obama has been clear that we want to have a partner relationship with russia. where we have differences, we will continue to negotiate and press
presidential candidate. jan, fill us in. >> reporter: well, scott, that blunder happened yesterday in an interview with nbc news when romney talked about problems in the run-up to london's olympics. >olympics. >> there were a few things that were disconcertificating, the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials. that, only, is not something which is encouraging. >> reporter: romney's remarks became a full-blown controversy this morning when primedavid cameron, asked about disruptions in london's subway service, defended the game's organizers. >> we are holding an olympic games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the word, and of course it's easier if you hold an olympic games in the middle of nowhere. but, you know, i visited burma recently, and they have six main highways and no cars on them. this is a busy, bustling city, so inevitably you're going to have challenges. >> reporter: cameron was making the point it would be easier to run an olympics in a less-congested p
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